Sunday, September 6, 2009

State Fair time...

The State Fair is a BIG deal in Minnesota. I hate to admit that I have been to the fair more times since my son was born than I have in my entire life. Yes, I was born in Minnesota and lived here all of my life but I had only been to the fair once before my son was born. OK, so maybe the fair is a BIG deal to some people in Minnesota.

It is definitely a BIG deal to these two kids:

Bumper Boats - a big deal.

Joe Cool.

Can you believe this...he is only 6 yrs old! My boy is holding hands with someone other than is Mama!

And I think he likes it!

My boy was so brave...going on the pirate ride all by himself.

No visit to the State Fair is complete without at least one order of cheese curds - they are evil. Our friends with introduced us to deep fried green tomatoes - YUM. Sorry no photo - I ate them too fast.

Good grief!

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