Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple Pickin' Time

The weather has been unseasonably warm this last month of summer - yesterday was in the mid 80's. The funny thing is that the beginning of the summer was cold - yes, cold. We only made it to the pool one time - and then it wasn't incredibly hot, just barely warm enough to go swimming.

Anyway, I had these big plans to go to an apple orchard and wear "fall like" clothes and maybe get some pictures for our Christmas such luck. Plan B - wear what you want, let's just pick apples and have fun!

I can always count on this boy to be a real ham!

It was a beautiful day...


Our favorite orchard is Apple's a small, family owned orchard. It's just big enough to have a nice variety of things to do and small enough that you don't have to park 3 miles away, fight the mobs of people and be bombarded with too many activities ($$).

Happy Fall! I need to get to making apple pies....

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