Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Cookie Carnival (OK, a little early)

I was so darn excited when I saw this month's Cookie Carnival ~ oh, how I love strawberries and I have NEVER made a cookie with real strawberries in it. So maybe I am a little early with my post but I had all the ingredients in the house and some free time on my hands. Voila, cookies!

When I saw the recipe was from Martha Stewart, I was a little skeptical. My experience with her recipes is that there is always some tedious step or obscure ingredients. But to my surprise, these beauties were so easy. They would be perfect for an afternoon tea. They were tender and not too sweet - they reminded me of a mini scone.

One thing I'll do when I bake these again (and I definitely will!) is mix the dough longer after adding the strawberries. I noticed that my cookies do not look like the picture from the recipe but I think it's because I was afraid that mixing them too long would make them tough. Although I think the "less blended" version looks more afternoon tea-ish.

Thanks Cookie Carnival for the delectable strawberry cookie!


  1. Beautiful cookies and photo! I really liked these too. Perfect for an afternoon tea break.

  2. Your cookies look great. Beautiful photos!