Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love, love, love cookbooks!

Did I mention that I love cookbooks? I do! I generally try to get them from the library first and, after trying a recipe or two, I may or may not buy my own copy. There are so many mediocre cookbooks out there. Here is a new cookbook that my husband got me for Mother's Day. It has a lot of really great basic information in it. I love those kinds of cookbooks. My husband has a Betty Crocker Cookbook that his mother gave him years (I mean years) ago that is my "go to" cookbook when I need just a basic recipe or need how to do something.

I also received this book from my husband! I've been faithfully reading Tuesday's with Dorie for quite sometime. Her stuff looks amazing. I have yet to try a recipe - but that's about to change this week! Wish me luck.

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