Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh, dag ... Sam takes a spill

Yesterday, Sam took a pretty nasty spill at school. He was in the gym burning off energy when he tripped and fell, face first, on a wood block (a pretty big block). He pushed his front 4 top teeth into his gums and one of them is pushed to the side. He also got a pretty nice fat lip! We made a trip to the doctor and dentist and it appears that he is going to be OK ~ just pretty sore for a while. There is a pretty good chance that he will loose some or all of his front teeth before they would normally fall out on their own.

He was such a trooper. When I arrived at school to pick him up, my eyes welled up with tears ... he says to me "don't worry Mama, I'm OK."

We went to the grocery store and Sam got to pick out all the 'soft' food he wanted ~ pudding, jello, cottage cheese, yogurt drinks ~ you name it!

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