Wednesday, April 11, 2007

we love play dates!

Nothing is better on a cold rainy day than a play date with a good friend. Check out some pics from our play date yesterday with our friends Melissa and Shira. We had a great time at the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul. It's just big enough to keep the kids interested but not soooo big that it's overwhelming. We even saw Chloe the sloth at the Tropical Encounters exhibit ... just like Snook from It's A Big, Big World!

The Sunken Garden is amazing! The
garden features a red sea of tulips, as well as hydrangeas, peonies, daffodils and lilies. Over 10,000 bulbs and 500 hydrangeas were used to create this wonder treat for the eyes and nose! Sam and Shira loved watching the koi!

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